Sunday Children's Groups

Sunday Groups

Our vision is to help children take the next steps on their journey with Jesus and to help them to become all that God created them to be. So we do this by providing an atmosphere of fun, love, creativity and safety. We recognise discipling children and young people is vitally important. We teach children Biblical truths and they experience safe, age-appropriate activities where they'll have fun while meeting Jesus. There are groups for all ages: 0-3 years, Preschool to Year 1, Years 2 to 5 and 6+ (see below). Contact if you have any questions or thoughts.

During these sessions our children will explore God's world and navigate the Bible through play and hands on activities. Sessions are interactive, making the most of games, sharing and prayer.  We love our little people and want to share with them that Jesus loves them too.



Investigate is our church youth group for Year 6+.  We have a session roughly one Sunday morning a month, where we explore relevant topics and use the Bible to follow in Jesus' ways.  We also enjoy time together in socials - so far we've had board games evenings, marvelled at a mammoth fireworks display, and gone on a Christmas market scavenger hunt!

Investigate is a new group being shaped by God, and we have more hopes and ideas for future sessions and socials.  Our main vision is to be a space where young people can belong wholly as themselves, encountering God and having their identity shaped by the Holy Spirit.  Exciting times!

Email with any questions or thoughts.


All In Services

Kids Church


We sometimes have lots of fun with an All In Service.  Children of all ages and adults participate together, often after breakfast, to enjoy a different kind of Celebration meeting.  For part of it we break out into different areas which are divided into zones for worship, craft, games, discussions and quiet reflection.  This is a great way for adults and children to come alongside each other, to learn and hear what God is saying in a stimulating and fun way.