T H E ⠀L I V I N G ⠀R O O M ⠀ - ⠀Y E A R S ⠀9 - 11

Living Room

The Living Room is an open access youth club for all young people. It's run by Isca Church's Youth Work team and provides a space for those in years 9-11 to come and chill and use the pool and table tennis tables, table football and outside court.

Held at The Beacon, Thursdays term time.  Doors open 3:15pm until 4:45pm.

T H E ⠀H U B ⠀- ⠀Y E A R S ⠀7 - 8


The Hub is an open access youth club for all young people run by the Isca Church Youth Work team. It provides a space for those in years 7-8 who are welcome to come and chill and enjoy crafts, football/basketball, pool, table tennis and the tuck shop.

Held at The Beacon on Thursdays term time.  Doors open at 6pm until 7:30pm.

Find us on Instagram: IscaYouth

F O O T B A L L ⠀A C A D E M Y ⠀- ⠀Y E A R S ⠀6 - 11

Football Academy

This is a fun and energetic club for boys and girls in years 6-11 who enjoy football and not in a football club!  

It’s a great chance to have a kick about, and to learn some new skills in a relaxed and fun environment.

Meet on Fridays term time, 4:30pm-5:30pm on the Astro Pitch, St James School, Summer Lane. Please bring some astroboots and 50p for refreshments.  

S C H O O L ' S ⠀W O R K

Schools work

Refuel Wellbeing Lunchtime Club - The YMCA Exeter, who run a club at St James School on Fridays, has got off to a great start this year.  Matt and Susan help Martha host the club, and each week they have a theme to talk about with the young people, such as ‘sleep’ or ‘health’. 

They serve hot chocolate, and set out games and colouring pages for everyone to relax with while they chat.

Drop in at St James School - Matt and PCSO Rich Shelton started a lunchtime drop-in at St James at the end of 2019.  This drop-in is where students can come and discuss any issues or concerns they have or just have someone to talk to.