Bob & Muriel in Brussels

Bob & Muriel in Brussels

After almost 19 years in Troyes, Bob and Muriel moved at the end of March to Brussels in Belgium. This time not to lead anything directly but to support and help a youthful church in a phase of growth and outreach. It is a Destinée church, so they remain in the same family of churches as before, where they have known many of the folks for a long time. 

The Destinée church in Troyes, is in good hands with Renè-Joseph and Marie.  A very different environment, but a new challenge and a new adventure!

You can write or contact them: Clos des Trois Fontaines 8, 1160 Brussels, Belgium.
Phone (0032) 2 534 23 47.  Email: or

Ben & Ruth Tagg in Buffalo, USA

Steps Ministries - Buffalo, USA

Ben and Ruth run Steps Ministries, which is a dynamic, family-based ministry, dedicated to urban impact through both teaching and living the principles of Jesus.

Steps Ministries is a Christian community dedicated to living simply and proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ. We are committed to the apostles teaching, prayer and fellowship. Our goal is to reach those who have not been reached by the traditional church. Our outreach is designed to transcend cultural boundaries by being expressed through our ordinary lives.

You can find out more on their website:

You can write or contact them: 1221 Seneca Street, Buffalo, New York, 14210 USA

Hyderabad, India


Isca Church have been privileged over some years to have contacts with Sharon Church in HB Colony, Hyderabad. 

Sharon Church, led by Pastor Zechariah, has three congregations in that area and a good number of us have been able to visit them over the years, helping with evangelistic outreach, teaching in the churches, being involved with the children’s and youth work.

We have also helped initiate and finance ‘Medical Camps’, where free medical help is offered to the poorest of the people and also prayer is offered at the same time. A Christian Indian doctor and nurse attend and medicines dispensed where appropriate.

Alongside this is the ‘Saving Sight’ initiative, where, as above an optician attends, and glasses dispensed. We have also been able to finance a number of cataract operations, something they could never afford.

We have been so blessed by them, as we have seen numbers come to faith, some healings, and many having real encounters with God.