S U N D A Y ⠀T E A M S

Saved people serve people! Church couldn't happen on a Sunday without our incredible teams. There are so many ways to help and use your skills and it is a good way to get to know other people and feel part of the church.  If you want to "try out" a team first, just let us know. It is a commitment but as we serve and give to others, God gives back to us.  So let us help you find your team.

Which team sounds right for you?  These are our teams: 

  • Welcome - This is usually people's first impression of church. This team arrives at 10am and greets people, sometimes giving out Newsletters and information at the entrance and show newcomers and visitors to the right spot. 
  • Worship or Tech Teams - Do you play an instrument? Sing? Like working with audio, video? The worship team arrives at 9am to set-up and practice. PA and Laptop Teams arrive 10am. All help to clear up at the end. 
  • Set-up and Clear-up Teams - Are you practical and hands on? Set-up is from 9am. It includes putting up and taking down signs and setting up equipment in classrooms and other general stuff.
  • Children's and Creche Teams - Be part of growing the next generation. Creche provide loving care for babies and toddlers. Children receive teaching in small groups, craft and games. (Note: a background check is required before joining a regular volunteer rotation).
  • Prayer Team - Do you hear from God and feel compassionate towards people? Usually available after the service for praying and ministering to people.
  • Refreshments Team - Everyone loves a cuppa! Arrive half an hour before church to get the coffee on. Serve teas and coffees, have a few chats, wash and pack up.  
  • Hospitality Team - Help with breakfasts once a month, a few lunches and at events. There are various roles, from setting up tables, supplying cutlery and plates, helping prepare and cook food to washing up.
Kids Church volunteer

V I D E O !


Click the photo to watch a snapshot of what the Sunday Teams get up to!

If you would like to "try out", be considered for a team or find out more, please contact the office and we will put you in touch with the Team Leader.