Sunday Celebrations

Sunday morning is our celebration time!  We meet in the spacious and light-filled St James School, Summer Lane, EX4 8NN.  Come just as you are – there’s no dress code.  God sees your heart, not your clothes!  Once you’ve been welcomed in the door, you’ve got time to settle in and join with the friendly hum of chatter before our service starts at 10:30am.

We encourage personal testimonies, intercession prayer and plenty of space for the Holy Spirit to speak and move.  Our singing is an act of worship to God; feel free to sit, stand or dance. You can be still and silent if that feels right or you can be loud and free as you wish!  There is always a prayer team available who would love to talk and pray with you, often at the end of the service.

There are fun activities for children, which usually begin outside the main service at 11am. There’s a creche, a group for Preschool to Year 1, a group for Years 2 to 5 and one for Years 6+.

  • We also have great fun in our All in Services. This is all inclusive for anyone of any age.
  • We have breakfast the 2nd Sunday a month at 10:15am. There’s always something delicious like pancakes, croissants or bacon butties! On these mornings, we start at 10:45am. 

Afterwards we have refreshments in the atrium. It’s a great time to catch up with friends and get to know someone new.

Coming Up ...

Our current Series is 1 Timothy​​   See Programme.