Love God, Love People

Sunday Celebrations

Isca is a family of imperfect people, united by faith that Jesus has set us free to live fully in God’s grace, forgiveness and goodness. We’ve all got our own stories, including the chapters of struggle, pain and disappointment but we walk through it all together, growing in understanding of God’s love and sharing it both inside and outside our church. 

Whether you’ve always loved Jesus, or you’re sceptical about the whole thing; whether you thrive in the centre of community or you’ve always hidden on the outskirts; whether you’re a big success by society’s standards, or you feel judged as a failure, there’s a place for you in our family. We’re eager to support, encourage and enjoy life with the real you! 

BIG TOP Holiday Club Booking - 12 to 16 August

Holiday Club Booking



Willowbrook School, 9:30am-12pm for children currently in Reception to Year 5.

Lunch provided on Wednesday 14 & Friday 15 August (12-1pm) for all the family if booking and payment made by deadline of Monday 1 July.

Plus roll up for CIRCUS FUN on Sunday 18 August 10:30-12pm!  See what the children have been up to in the Big Top!  St James School.